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Richard is an Oregon based artist, photographer, and architectural designer adept in multiple media. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and Fine Art from Oregon State University and a Master's in Architecture from the University of Oregon.


He is self taught in digital and ink illustrating, which are his primary media, as well as being a professional pumpkin carver and has done murals up to 1,600 SF. While interested in art throughout his life, Richard has become highly prolific in the last few years, creating new art daily. His hope is that his art inspires creativity and elicits joy in others

Let's make something beautiful together!

If you are interested in purchasing original woodblock prints, watercolors, or ink drawings, please identify which pieces.

I would love to schedule pumpkin carving workshops or demonstrations with you! Please include locations and dates.

Commissions are taken on a limited basis, but I enjoy taking on unique projects, so please feel free to ask.

My work is available on t-shirts, mugs, and similar merchandise: richardmccon.

You are welcome to contact me with the form below, or directly via email:

My number is 541-517-4396

Thanks! Message sent.

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