Deck of Fairy Cards

A 54 card deck featuring beautiful fairies. The kickstarter is coming soon!

Daily Speedpaints

I draw every day, and one of my favorite activities is to do quick, 30 min sketches in various media, but usually digital. I've found that working to capture an entire composition in such a short amount of time as expanded my expectations for my performance and helped me realize how much I have yet to achieve.

Mouse & Sparks

A robot and his mouse friend go adventuring through a world without humans where intelligent creatures find their own meaning in their existence.

Mermay May. 2017

The latest drawing challenge I've participated in! I created a different mermaid every day in the month of may. It was a fun challenge and I enjoyed thinking about the different worlds merfolk might live in.

Eucon Nov. 2016

Eugene Comicon 2016 was a blast! Lots of new art and new people to meet. I was there all three days with my lovely girlfriend and art student. It was wonderful to see so many people excited and loving my artwork, and I look forward to our next Con, though I'm not sure when that will be.

Fairy Friends

The objective of this project is to have a visual record of my friends embodying traits and personalities realized as fairy creatures. It's an opportunity to learn about friends and develop unique understandings of them.

Mural Fall 2013

This 1,600sf mural is situated on a main street near downtown Eugene, Oregon. I designed this city beautification project and organized almost 20 volunteers to paint the mural. The work includes creative input from several artists including Laurel Thompson and Tiffany Lasalle

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